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Does your leadership team lack an aligned vision, a clear purpose, and a high level of trust? We can work with you to design a bespoke programme that will strengthen these areas – and move you faster towards achieving your organisation‘s goals.


What is it?

Working with you and your team for up to six months, we design a bespoke, practical, focused and business-oriented coaching programme to sharpen your leadership skills and create team cohesion. 

Who is it for?

This is specifically for senior leadership teams who need greater clarity, commitment, cohesion and competence.  

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How we work with positive leaders

Covid has altered the face of corporate life for good, forcing leaders and coaches to adapt their approach and style. And we’re no different.

Little & Often

We used to meet monthly for longer sessions and we now offer 30-45 minute Zoom meetings, every week or bi-weekly. Our clients and coaches have found these short, frequent connection sessions work brilliantly.

Virtual Walk & Talk Power Sessions

While video conferencing and Zoom meetings have their place, we wanted to offer more. Our love of nature inspired a new approach – creating the right setting to recharge, rejuvenate and power up!

Co-created with our clients, we are all loving the Virtual Walk and Talk Power sessions.

Choose your location, pop your earbuds in, and we’ll call to coach you while you walk. It’s a true power house of a session, lasting between 30-60 minutes.

At the end of the session, we’ll pause the walking to reflect on and capture insights – and create action points.

Our Coaches

Fiona Parashar

Sue Hartley

Dr. Lucy Ryan

Mia Kennedy

Jackee Holder

Sharon Charlton-Thomson

Ruth Rochelle

Sandra Visser

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Little did I know that when I took the train this morning from London I would arrive in Narnia. Well it was really Bath. But what an amazing transformation it was.

I spent the day sitting by a window, overlooking the snow, seeing a red robin land and dart off, dialoguing with you, visioning, dreaming, planning about me and my life. I imagined my 80th birthday celebration and looked back at each decade – imagining the details, the feelings, the accomplishments. I walked through the woods and talked about the three highs and three low points of my life, all through the lens of naming my core values.

I planned my career. Talked about privilege and power. Celebrated my strengths.

Named my fears. I prayed. I actually prayed for the first time in years. All of a sudden it was a hint of spring in Narnia. And I returned from Narnia, a prince of Adam. The wardrobe will never be the same. What an investment in myself, what a gift. What a life I have to lead. Thank you. Thank you Fiona. JAMES D LYNCH, SENIOR VP, INTEL

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