Press Positive Pause


A 90-day energising programme to turbocharge positive energy and increase confidence. Learn how pressing pause and reflecting with your coach will help you to slow down in order to speed up and achieve personal and professional value-led goals. The Press Positive Pause programme is a great chance to look back over your leadership journey and build an action plan for your positive future.


What is it?

A 90-day energising programme to turbocharge positive energy and increase confidence. Enjoy structured reflection and goal-setting exercises with you coach to help you reflect and achieve personal and professional value-led goals.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs a shift in energy, ideal for those who want to create more energy and spaciousness in their leadership and work life balance.

What's included?

  • Walk and Talk or Zoom coaching sessions
  • Positive worksheets
  • Journaling prompts
  • Mindfulness audio meditations

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Focus On

Walks & Talks

We have always found walk and talk coaching impactful and Covid got us offering virtual walks and talks to our clients. Set off with your earbuds in and your coach will call you. A triple whammy of positivity, nature and exercise with professional development all at the same time. Studies show the impact walking in nature has on cognitive ability and creativity.

How we work with positive leaders

Covid has altered the face of corporate life for good, forcing leaders and coaches to adapt their approach and style. And we’re no different.

Little & Often

We used to meet monthly for longer sessions and we now offer 30-45 minute Zoom meetings, every week or bi-weekly. Our clients and coaches have found these short, frequent connection sessions work brilliantly.

Virtual Walk & Talk Power Sessions

While video conferencing and Zoom meetings have their place, we wanted to offer more. Our love of nature inspired a new approach – creating the right setting to recharge, rejuvenate and power up!

Co-created with our clients, we are all loving the Virtual Walk and Talk Power sessions.

Choose your location, pop your earbuds in, and we’ll call to coach you while you walk. It’s a true power house of a session, lasting between 30-60 minutes.

At the end of the session, we’ll pause the walking to reflect on and capture insights – and create action points.

Our Coaches

Fiona Parashar

Sue Hartley

Dr. Lucy Ryan

Mia Kennedy

Jackee Holder

Sharon Charlton-Thomson

Ruth Rochelle

Sandra Visser

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The Vision Day was beyond value for me. It was coaching of the most productive kind. It helped me to fully re-appraise myself and to identify and enhance aspects of myself that had been unappreciated or even neglected. I walked away from the Vision Day with a new sense of purpose and re-fuelled with self-belief. CHRIS WILLINGHAM, MANAGING PARTNER, FALLON

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