Step Changer

& Confidence

Our most popular programme. An intensive six-month programme for positive leaders ready to step up in their career and life. For leaders who want greater self-awareness, confidence and strong goals. A front-loaded programme with a Positive Vision Day to get clear on your vision and then monthly coaching to support you in making that vision happen. Holding you to account and supporting you along the way.


What is it?

An intensive six-month coaching programme for those ready to step up in their career and life.

Who is it for?

Leaders ready to make a step change and wanting to see significant shifts within the six-month timeframe. Ideal for someone in a new role or newly promoted or wanting to get to the next level.

What's included?

  • Positive Vision Day
  • Sponsor input, feedback and feedforward
  • Monthly Walk and Talk / Zoom coaching  sessions
  • Journaling prompts
  • Mindfulness Audio Meditations
  • Curated resources
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Focus On

Positive Goal-Setting

This is your opportunity to find the extra  potential you know is there.  We will help you choose big goals that have genuine meaning for you and then you will enjoy the support & challenge whilst you get there.  The fun and experience of the journey is as important as the outcomes.  You will find stretching goals that have meaning for you. You will  increase your positive impact, helping you be a force for good, at work and home.

How we work with positive leaders

Covid has altered the face of corporate life for good, forcing leaders and coaches to adapt their approach and style. And we’re no different.

Little & Often

We used to meet monthly for longer sessions and we now offer 30-45 minute Zoom meetings, every week or bi-weekly. Our clients and coaches have found these short, frequent connection sessions work brilliantly.

Virtual Walk & Talk Power Sessions

While video conferencing and Zoom meetings have their place, we wanted to offer more. Our love of nature inspired a new approach – creating the right setting to recharge, rejuvenate and power up!

Co-created with our clients, we are all loving the Virtual Walk and Talk Power sessions.

Choose your location, pop your earbuds in, and we’ll call to coach you while you walk. It’s a true power house of a session, lasting between 30-60 minutes.

At the end of the session, we’ll pause the walking to reflect on and capture insights – and create action points.

Our Coaches

Fiona Parashar

Sue Hartley

Dr. Lucy Ryan

Mia Kennedy

Jackee Holder

Sharon Charlton-Thomson

Ruth Rochelle

Sandra Visser

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