The Balancing Act: Work Life Solutions for Busy People

A recent work/life study by MANAGEMENT TODAY revealed that almost half of Britain’s managers feel too mentally and physically exhausted to do anything other than work and sleep, and nearly a third say their lives are out of control.

Pretty, Witty & Gritty

Turns out it’s not enough to be pretty and witty–we now have to be gritty. Grit is getting some hot press at the moment, suggesting that if we want to be truly successful in life, we ain’t gonna achieve it without grit.

Management Mantras that make a difference

Meaningful, valuable, and insightful business advice is like gold dust. Here are four gems that have made a significant difference to me as a leader over the years. I still pass them on to this day.

Praise for the morning

I’ve always loved the early mornings, although it hasn’t always made me popular with family and friends. I have a sense that I am wired similarly to other larks, but very differently from the night owls who find my early bed times baffling and my early starts bewildering.

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