Reflect, Reframe and Reset

So, it’s halfway through the year…did you set any goals this year, hopes, dreams, visions or intentions? Mine was to embrace the theme of health… and so far, I have had my second dose of Covid and two massive cough infections that have reduced me to tears they have been so intense. I need to… Read more »

Five magic words

As we move through to the end of February, we look to follow alongside some of the keys to happier living, introduced by ‘Action for Happiness’. This month, we are focusing on ‘Relating’, with research showing that people with strong relationships are happier, healthier and live longer.  ‘Relating’ is one of the Ten Keys to… Read more »

Be gentle with yourself this year

Happy New Year friends, collaborators and colleagues!   This year has got off to a good start with my son being offered his first job in journalism and so we decided to sit down together and for him to practice his shorthand and interview techniques and kick off our first newsletter with a Q &… Read more »

I lost my superpower

Being an early bird was MY superpower. Do you have one? How careless of me to lose it. How did it happen? Was it the death of my mother? Grief makes you tired. Was it the fact my dog that needed an early morning walk also died two months after my mum? Or was it… Read more »

Does the week ahead ever feel like a mountain to climb?

Or maybe even an entire range of mountains, to be ascended without metaphorical Sherpa, team or harness? Does it all feel a bit overwhelming? I felt like that this morning. I’m heading off for annual leave on Thursday but I’m writing this on a Monday and there seems like a very large mountain to scale… Read more »

Have you met your Future Self recently?

  Having a relationship with your Future Self is vital. I have long been interested in ‘time perspective’, a concept I learned about when studying for my Masters degree in Positive Psychology and I love exploring people’s relationship with time. I always feel curious to know:  Do you live in the moment? Are you hedonistic… Read more »

How Realistic and Pragmatic Should Your Vision Be?

  How Realistic And Pragmatic Should Your Vision Be?  Not Very!  Many people get nervous about visioning and how to have a vision. It sounds so grand and too abstract, I like to encourage my clients to think in a way that is counter-intuitive releasing and creative, to remind them that a vision can be:… Read more »

How to say a “Graceful No”

Someone said a big fat NO to me this week But she did it so gracefully that it reminded me about a recent conversation I’d had, about starting my business and how you protect your boundaries. I talked about the ‘graceful no’. It’s hard, isn’t it – saying no? How do we embrace a ‘graceful… Read more »

Why Does Journaling About Gratitude Matter for Positive Leaders?

Why is that when we find something that works well for us, we can still find it hard to do? Grrr… I have had a daily gratitude practice for over a decade now, since I did my Master’s in Positive Psychology and found out what a game-changing, mood-changing emotion gratitude is.  Engaging in gratitude journaling… Read more »

Positively Blooming

Positive psychology has a mission – a noble goal – to help the world flourish by feeling good. Fiona Parashar’s study reveals seven themes that can help coaches turn this ambitious call to action into a reality

What are your unlofty goals?

I normally love the “New Me, New Year” feel to the start of the year… That sense of a fresh start when we feel we can become a new person with a clean slate…hmmm. So as we grind to the end of January surrounded by challenging and upsetting news, everyone is reporting feeling far too stuck in the Groundhog 2020 version of themselves. But here we are…we’ve almost made it to the end of January. I wanted to send you this newsletter at the start of January but it all felt a bit too meh! So now…let’s try again…

The Balancing Act: Work Life Solutions for Busy People

A recent work/life study by MANAGEMENT TODAY revealed that almost half of Britain’s managers feel too mentally and physically exhausted to do anything other than work and sleep, and nearly a third say their lives are out of control.

Pretty, Witty & Gritty

Turns out it’s not enough to be pretty and witty–we now have to be gritty. Grit is getting some hot press at the moment, suggesting that if we want to be truly successful in life, we ain’t gonna achieve it without grit.

Management Mantras that make a difference

Meaningful, valuable, and insightful business advice is like gold dust. Here are four gems that have made a significant difference to me as a leader over the years. I still pass them on to this day.

Praise for the morning

I’ve always loved the early mornings, although it hasn’t always made me popular with family and friends. I have a sense that I am wired similarly to other larks, but very differently from the night owls who find my early bed times baffling and my early starts bewildering.

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