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Dr. Lucy Ryan

Twenty-five years ago, when she was still acting and singing, Lucy suffered from acute stage fright. A coach saved her, guiding her through the fear. It left her intrigued to learn more and marked the start of a long journey into coaching that still inspires her today

My coaching style features lashings of positive psychology, coupled with a desire for people to ‘win’ at their own personal game – delivered with a loud, dirty laugh! I’m known for being practically passionate, academic yet grounded.

I love to work with people totally terrified about presenting, those who are passionate to carve their way in the world, and women wanting their voice heard. And my top question has to be, “What do you want to do more of?”

One of my favourite things a client has said about me has to be:

“Lucy helps you by coaching, toning you down, encouraging you to speak up but shutting you up when you’re waffling. She’ll help you find the thread of your story and all with continued good grace, humour and a laugh, whatever the situation. She makes a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and never embarrasses you in the process.”

Behind the scenes, I love TV boxsets, any book of any genre, singing, outdoor swimming, cycling, boxing, jive dancing and walking my dog, Alfie Bear. I look forward to laughing and drinking with friends again one day…!Causes I care most about include age and gender equality, Alzheimers research, women’s refuge centres, fostering, the Dogs Trust and Bounce Forward, a charity supporting and educating teachers on Resilience for students.

Certifications and qualifications

  • Accredited Master Practitioner Coach with the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)
  • MSc in Applied Positive Psychology
  • PhD in Management and Leadership
  • Honorary Lecturer at the University of East London in the Application of Positive Psychology to Coaching and Organisations and keynote speaker across Europe.
  • Certified as an NLP Master Practitioner
  • Trainer with the Penn Resilience Programme team
  • Licensed to administrate the VIA-PRO Strengths Survey, the MSCEIT (the Emotional Intelligence Ability Test) and the Strengths Deployment Inventory

Our Coaches

Our diverse team is united by the values that underpin positive psychology. We’ve worked alongside each other for many years, drawing on a wealth of industry experience, skills, compassion and strength.

Together, we are committed to coaching leaders to realise their full potential. In the first instance, you will have an initial matching call with our Founder and CEO Fiona Parashar, who will determine you coaching needs – and the right coach for you.

Fiona Parashar

Fiona set up Leadership Coaching in 2000, driven to use her corporate experience and academic background to make a positive difference to leaders, executives and women in business. Here, she shares her coaching journey, her favourite type of client, and even a few of her guilty pleasures...

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Sue Hartley

A child is walking along a beach. She sees a star fish washed up on the shore, picks it up, throws it back into the sea and says “I made a difference to that one”.
Making a positive difference, albeit on an individual basis, is what inspired Sue to become a coach. Here, she shares more about her work and approach…

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Mia Kennedy

How did Mia become a coach? After being promoted into a big important job and receiving coaching, she thought – ‘man, this is helpful’. And then – ‘this is the job I was made to do’. Here, she shares how her career change has impacted her life – and the lives of her clients.

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Jackee Holder

An interaction with a brilliant coach in her early career was what set Jackee Holder on her journey to becoming a coach. The mix of questions, and the quality of her listening and presence took her breath away. She realised she wanted to be that person for others. Here, she shares her own coaching path

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Sharon Charlton-Thomson

If you feel ready to work at depth, Sharon may be the coach for you. Sharon is a Coach/Therapist and has worn both hats for 25 years. She helps clients who want to explore and reshape their leadership ready to meet the challenges of today’s transforming world.

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Ruth Rochelle

“She doesn’t judge or tell you what the answer should be, but she opens up your mind to the range of possibilities”. This wonderful feedback gives just a glimpse into Ruth’s coaching style. Here, she shares what got her into coaching, and her favourite client to work with.

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Sandra Visser

Sandra worked as one of my closest associates for about a decade before moving to Boulder, Colorado. Now she travels back a few times a year to deliver the Coaching Intensive training with me. She also offers Vision Days for the lucky few who can catch her whilst she is in the UK.

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Jim Godfrey

“There’s no point beating about the bush!” This informal but direct approach pretty much sums up Jim’s’s style of coaching. And it’s a tack appreciated by clients who want to shake things up. Here, he shares what he loves about coaching…

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