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Our Mission

We know the amazing cascade effect that comes from positive leadership – and the return on investment you’ll see for years to come. So that’s where we apply our energy.

Our mission is to make a positive difference by coaching leaders, developing coaches, and paying it forward to women who need support with safety, health, education or gender equality issues. We are on a mission to increase positive leadership in the workplace and prioritise wellbeing for people and the planet.

Our Purpose

We can all do little things to help make the world a better place. Our purpose is to empower leaders to raise their game and become the positive leader they always wanted to be, creating a culture that enables every employee to reach their fullest potential.

We work with coaches who share our vision and approach, who know the immense power positive leadership can have in evolving the workplace for the better. And through our charity work, we share our expertise with tenacious, gutsy women who would otherwise lack the helping hand.

Our Values

Our values are what unite us, connect us to our sense of purpose, and enable us to fulfil our mission.

They attract the clients we want to work with, and frame the content, energy and positive impact of our leadership and coaching programmes.

  • We care about people, supporting them through pivotal moments with purpose, clarity, kindness and compassion.
  • We support leaders and entrepreneurs, giving them the tools to thrive in the workplace.
  • We nurture strong, healthy connections to each other, our clients, our communities, and the natural world around us.
  • We are committed to a healthy work/life balance and prioritise well-being for people – and the planet.

How we work

Let's talk — We love to choose the right clients for us as much as you want to choose the right coach for you.

So, before we commit to working with you, you will have an initial confidential matching call with our CEO and Coaching Director, Fiona Parashar.

She will listen carefully to your coaching goals and leadership aspirations. Then, if we feel we can work together positively, she will match you to a coach on the team and recommend the programme that best suits your budget and time commitment.

We offer five positive leadership programmes, from a press pause moment to a whole year of coaching, all designed to be life changing as well as bespoke team programmes.

We also coach whole teams, creating bespoke programmes designed to focus on the areas that would benefit the most from our intervention and direction.

What we look for in our clients

We only work with clients who demonstrate an appetite for change or growth, and a genuine desire to be a positive force for good – as a positive leader or coach.

If we can’t help you or feel that we are not the right match, we will explain why and suggest alternative avenues to explore. 


Our core team is united by the values that underpin positive leadership and coaching psychology. Drawing on a wealth of industry experience, skills, compassion and strength, we are committed to coaching leaders to realise their full potential.

Our Coaching Team
I found the Coaching Intensive programme to be extremely valuable. What I love about Leadership Coaching is that they manage to be disciplined, structured and in control while allowing me the freedom to explore my needs completely. They are grounded and understand the realities of modern business, able to challenge and encourage me to think outside the box CONTROLLER OF BUSINESS BBC

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Want to learn more? If so, please email fiona@leadershipcoaching.co.uk to start a positive conversation.

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