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Our mission is to help you become a force for good.

We do this through positive leadership coaching, inspiring leaders to become outstanding role models in the workplace. Through our positive coaching academy, developing coaches who share our values and philosophy. And through positive giving, paying our skills forward to those more in need.


Your values shape your integrity as a leader. That’s why we curate our programmes to give you the stimulus and space to reflect on, realign and supercharge your strengths and vision. Together, we will define your role and the work culture you want to create.

Our Programmes


If you are a coach you can train with us to learn our award-winning positive coaching methodology and approach. Make it part of your coaching philosophy to help your clients thrive through masterful, compassionate intervention.

Positive Coaching Academy


We commit time and resources to support causes close to our hearts. Through positive partnerships, pro bono coaching, and paying it forward to those more in need, we make a positive difference in accelerating gender equality, wellbeing and introducing sustainable practices in our work place.

Positive Giving


Our coaching team is united by the values that underpin positive psychology. Drawing on a wealth of industry experience, skills, compassion and strength, we are committed to coaching leaders to realise their full potential.

Our Coaching Team
I first worked with Fiona and Leadership Coaching some 20 years ago when I was struggling to assert my authority in a very male work environment. Then, and many times since, she offered me thoughtful, honest and inspiring coaching. Fiona was the first person to really help me understand my value set and the exercise we went through all those years ago stays with me today. It is an increasingly important reference point that guides me through decision making on both a business and personal level. She is, without doubt, the best coach I have ever worked with.
Deborah Hale MBE

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