Positively Blooming

Positive psychology has a mission – a noble goal – to help the world flourish by feeling good. Fiona Parashar’s study reveals seven themes that can help coaches turn this ambitious call to action into a reality

One of positive psychology’s calls to action is to increase the number of ‘flourishing’ individuals to more than half of the world’s population in the next 50 years. Coaches can play a part in making this happen by helping individuals set and attain goals linked to well-being….

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 Profile image of Fiona Parashar From Spring Leadership

By Fiona Parashar

Fiona set up Leadership Coaching in 2000, driven to use her corporate experience and academic background to make a positive difference to leaders, executives and women in business. Here, she shares her coaching journey, her favourite type of client, and even a few of her guilty pleasures...

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