Team Coaching programme

Highlighting individual personalities to create team cohesion.


What is it?

We have spent many years working with newly formed or underperforming teams across a range of sectors. In today’s economic climate, there seems to be a greater prevalence and shift towards team coaching, as companies face great upheaval, uncertainty and changing roles and goals.

We use team coaching as a way of gaining clarity amidst ambiguity, working with a team over a period of three to six months.

Who is it for?

This programme is for any senior level team looking for a practical, focused and business-oriented coaching experience.

How does it work?

We always start with a briefing session with the person who instigated the programme – to understand what they want to achieve through coaching.

Next, we’ll carry out individual interviews with each of the team members and use the information to design a day that addresses the key issues that come up, from trusting each other, to understanding each other’s roles. We then write a report and present it back to the team on your away day, covering the latent desires, wishes and goals of the team.

The away day itself is very interactive, with plenty of exercises to challenge your thinking and communication skills.

We then meet again for a half-day 6-8 weeks later to review your team’s progress.

“Fiona and her team have really helped the Primesight team sharpen up our leadership skills. If you are worried about being opened up and having a brutal and frank assessment, avoid them. If you want to clearly understand and work on your development need give them a call.”


What will we get out of it?

Our aim is to create a bigger sense of engagement, and increase the quality of communication and commitment within the team.

You will come away with an aligned vision and purpose as a group, and an improved level of trust that will enable you to move faster towards achieving your goals.

Which coach?

Alison Chadwick

Sharon Charlton-Thomson

Sue Hartley

Mia Kennedy

Lucy Ryan

Ruth Rochelle