Six-month coaching programme

For significant step change, this programme helps you rise to the challenge and achieve lasting results.


What is it?

Our most popular programme, you will meet with your coach every month for two hours – across six months. There are seven sessions, beginning with a goal setting and chemistry session.

Our aim us to encourage you to set strong goals and empower you to get significant results within a six-month timeframe.

Who is it for?

The programme is ideal for those who have been newly promoted, want to step up their game, or had some specific feedback on less tangible behaviours or unwritten rules of the boardroom – such as body language, gravitas, self-management, personal impact, or influencing. We use this programme to address issues and move you up to the next level.

How does it work?

The sessions are usually held in or near your office. With little to no travel time, it’s very time efficient. In between the face-to-face sessions, we offer unlimited email and telephone support.

At the outset of the programme, we will interview your boss or key sponsor and then share valuable insights as to how you and your career trajectory is perceived. We also use the feedback to make sure the organisational goals are aligned with your personal goals.

We act as an objective outsider, allowing you to feel you’ve got a place to admit vulnerabilities and explore weaknesses – and identify ways to be more resourceful in addressing them going forward.

With our emphasis on Positive Psychology, we encourage leaders to be more mindful about their choices. We connect you to your strengths and values to improve your communication and relationships – which builds and renews energy and resilience.

What will I get out of it?

Throughout the programme, we will challenge you to try out new behaviours and monitor their effects. We will also help you make significant progress towards your stated goals – whether that’s settling into a promotion, taking on a new role, or dealing with a difficult relationship.

Your self-awareness will be massively increased – you will come away with a very clear view of your leadership style and how it affects other people. Overall, you can expect your confidence and effectiveness to grow.

Which coach?

Fiona Parashar

Alison Chadwick

Sharon Charlton-Thompson

Sue Hartley

Mia Kennedy

Nicky Spode

Ruth Rochelle

“Working with Fiona was the catalyst I needed to realise my masked leadership qualities. The clarity and focus brought about by the Visioning workshop is already having a direct impact on my mentoring skills. So much so that my team have commented on the marked improvement in my ability to lead.”

Ryan Wills, Creative Director & Founder, Taxi Studio Limited