Presentation coaching

Build confidence and style in your presentation delivery.

What is it?

Whether you have an upcoming presentation, speech or meeting, this bespoke and specifically timed programme can help you prepare.

How does it work?

We carry out an initial session to understand the scope of the project, combined with your current confidence levels and experience. We then provide two half-day sessions or one full-day session to help you:

  • Learn how to build your story
  • Develop better breathing tone and pace in delivery
  • Gain feedback on your body language, foibles and the impact of your presentation
  • Learn coping strategies for nerves or difficult situations
  • Practice your structure and delivery on camera to develop rapidly with quick feedback loop

Your coach will work with you by email and text to support you in the run up to the event. If appropriate, he or she can watch it and give feedback.

Corporate presentation

Which coach?

Chris Grimes

Lucy Ryan