Expand your coaching portfolio

If you’re looking to add a valuable and high-returns service to your coaching portfolio, we strongly recommend our unique and fully accredited Coaching Intensive training programme – next running in October 2018.


What are Coaching Intensives?

Coaching intensives are underpinned by strength-based Positive Psychology. They involve a 1-to-1, one-day coaching session set in stimulating surroundings of your choice, designed to enable your clients to think more deeply away from their office. You assign the client pre- and post-work, all of which helps them to uncover their vision and unblock self-sabotaging beliefs or patterns of behaviour.

What does the training involve?

During your three-day experiential training, we will share with you the framework, methodology and exercises used to structure a powerful Positive Vision Day Coaching Intensive. The Positive Vision Day is designed to help clients create a compelling vision for their leadership, career and/or life.

How can they help my coaching business?

The Coaching Intensives are highly beneficial for your clients and for your own coaching business.

They enable you to:

    • Attract new clients.
    • Easily integrate the programme into your existing coaching portfolio.
    • Kick-start leadership coaching programmes to accelerate and improve impact.
    • Coach in beautiful surroundings with outside coaching in nature.

2018 Coaching Intensive training

The location will be in Bath, the dates will be 16-18 October 2018, reserve your place now if you are interested in attending.

To find out more about the Coaching Intensive programmes and how they can help your business, please contact Fiona.

T 07779 122 085
E fiona@leadershipcoaching.co.uk

Skype Fiona.Parashar
Twitter @fiparashar

Former alumni feedback

“Thank you Fiona and Sandra for the fantastic training. Within six weeks, I’d made more than three times the amount I’d invested in attending this course. I would highly recommend the Vision Coaching Intensive Training, particularly if you’re interested in ways of expanding your business with an inspiring intervention that really makes a difference.”


“Fiona and Sandra’s generosity, passion and insight for sharing this innovative and fabulous way of helping clients create their vision is amazing. It has not only transformed my clients’ lives personally and professionally, it has changed the way I do business. It is a fantastic and powerful way to get results with clients and from an ROI perspective – it’s a “no-brainer” – within 2 sessions (one being a pilot), I had recovered my investment and oh so much more – I just love delivering these days. Thank YOU Fiona and Sandra.”


“The training with Leadership Coaching was quite simply the best CPD investment I have made in the last five years. Not only did I get an insight into my own personal and professional vision, as a coach and business owner I received a complete ‘how to’ kit on running vision days for my clients. What brings the kit alive and makes it stick is the huge experience, professionalism and authenticity of the trainers, which they share endlessly. I don’t think any other training has given me such tangible value and learning.”


I had the privilege of attending the Vision Intensives training programme in June 2013 with Fiona and Sandra.  As a coach, my main aim was to learn something new. But I got so much more out of the experience than just learning fresh insights. I came away with a completely new and powerful product to offer my clients, something I got to experience for myself.  Fiona and Sandra are hugely knowledgeable and incredibly generous with it.  If you are a coach and you want to freshen up your portfolio, while also giving clarity to your own visioning, then I couldn’t recommend this programme more highly.