Fiona offers supervision in Bath.

As a leading coaching supervisor, Fiona Parashar provides you with continuing professional development, support and assurance. She’ll look at how to manage ethical and confidentiality boundaries, and help you reflect on the client and organisational needs – alongside your own.

Our supervisory model

Fiona follows the Seven-eyed Supervisory Model, developed by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet. Essentially, to achieve a different and fresh perspective on your chosen clients, you will both look through the lens of each of the seven eyes, focusing on:

  1. The client in detail
  2. The coach’s interventions
  3. The relationship between the coach and client
  4. The coach (any unconscious triggers)
  5. The parallel process (any unconscious absorption of the client system by the coach that then gets played out with the supervisor)
  6. The supervisor’s self reflection and feedback
  7. The wider context


Before each session, you need to prepare a short written email outlining your desired outcome for the supervision session and some comments on your current clients. Have a think about which clients will benefit from reflection, which clients you feel you don’t want or need to bring, and the areas you’d like to reflect upon and explore in your general practice.


“Fiona Parashar is the most emotionally intelligent coach I’ve ever encountered. A key advantage Fiona brings to coaching supervision is great business acumen. She helped me define a new area of coaching and grow my business as a Positive Psychology coach.”

MIRIAM AKHTAR, Positive Psychology Training