Charity work

Our coaches donate a percentage of their time to charities pro bono and at discounted rates.

If you are a UK charity and believe that you would benefit from executive coaching for your top or rising individuals or teams, please call us to find out how we can help.

We can help increase self-awareness, create a new language to deal with emerging issues, and provide a fresh perspective on interactions with people and tasks.

We do this using excellent, robust and well-researched tools, including:

  • Breakthrough coaching sessions for senior executives;
  • Vision Day for CEOs and managing directors;
  • Brain and personality profiling feedback sessions using Emergenetics or Myers Briggs;
  • Emotional Intelligence Profiling to assess your levels of Emotional Intelligence using MSCEIT.

You or your team will come away with an enhanced awareness of your own leadership style, its effect on those around you, improved performance and stronger communication skills.

We will respond with the best fit of coach and advise on timing. The strongest cases will receive priority.

Fiona Parashar is also a Trustee of Penny Brohn UK.

LC1001 charity

Penny Brohn UK, Bristol

“Fiona Parashar’s series of pro bono coaching sessions gave me high quality support during a period of considerable change at the NDCS. She quickly understood the external environment in which we were operating and her coaching proved to be intelligent, insightful, and appropriately challenging. The outcome of these sessions had a positive impact on my own style of leadership and enabled the senior team to operate more effectively as a result.”