Bespoke 360

Gain a full and constructive view of your impact in the workplace.


What is it?

This bespoke methodology collects feedback from your peers, bosses and direct reports to enable you to propel your career forwards.

How does it work?

We carry out in-depth meetings with you to ascertain your current levels of self-awareness, goals and appetite for feedback.

Using a well-refined questionnaire that covers bespoke topics, we then conduct comprehensive interviews with up to eight people, including your bosses, direct reports and peers.

Following those interviews, we’ll write up a qualitative, succinct and easy to read report detailing the themes that have come up. You’ll receive feedback in a face-to-face coaching session lasting up to three hours, and your coach will set goals according to the feedback results.

What will I get out of it?

The 360 is a fantastic opportunity to hear how others value your strengths. You’ll discover the impact you have on others – individually and in a group setting – and what contribution you make at your best.

This valuable and insightful exercise will reveal possible blind spots. Through honest, thorough and constructive feedback, you’ll see your weaknesses more clearly and better understand where you let yourself down. Finally, you’ll learn about the impact of any self-sabotaging behaviour and disconnect between your leadership intentions and how you are perceived.

“I worked with Fiona for a year. I found her methodology to be very thorough and her insight to be accurate and useful. She has definitely influenced how I manage the business and I would recommend her to other senior business managers.”


Which coach?

Fiona Parashar

Alison Chadwick

Sharon Charlton Thompson

Mia Kennedy

Nicky Spode